GCP EP. 009: Saul and Peter

What does it mean that the Gospel has been made available to the gentiles? What does the conversion of soul mean for the modern day Christian and what are the acts of Peter? Welcome to the Gospel centered podcast. My name is Josh Suson. I am a man in desperate need of the Gospel and, […]

GCP EP. 008: Philip and the Eunuch

What’s the deal with the eunuch? What is Philip doing by being his guide? Is Philip literally teleported? In this episode Josh wraps up our discussion on Acts 8 by continuing Philip’s story. We follow him towards Gaza where he runs into a eunuch and leads him to Christ. What can we learn from this […]

GCP EP. 006: Stephen

Who is Stephen in the Book of Acts? What does his story mean? What is that chapter long sermon all about? In this episode Josh looks at the story of Stephen. He takes a deep dive into the plot points of Stephen’s life and makes the argument that Luke is doing something very specific here. […]

GCP EP. 005: Everything in Common and a Dead Couple

Does Christianity demand socialism? Should you sell everything you own to your church? If you don’t are you going to drop dead? In this episode Josh covers Acts 3 – 5. He discusses the principle of having everything in common and what the actions of the early church mean for the modern church. From there […]

GCP EP. 003: Acts 2 Part 1

Why is the day of Pentecost important? What are tongues of fire? What does it mean that the early church “spoke in tongues”? In this episode of the Gospel Centered Podcast Josh is joined in the studio by Pastor Mike Landrum and they answer all these questions and more. In fact their conversation is quite […]

GCP EP. 004: Acts 2 Part 2

What is Peter’s Pentecost sermon all about? Is he condemning his audience? And what does “everything in common” mean? In this episode of the Gospel Centered Podcast Josh and Mike finish up their conversation on Acts Chapter 2. They discuss the back half of the chapter and get into Peter’s sermon. Was Peter preaching an […]

GCP EP. 002: Acts Chapter 1

In this episode Josh dives in to Acts Chapter 1. We read along through the chapter and discuss what’s happening here as the apostles discuss with Jesus about the kingdom God, watch him ascend, and then respond to his commands. Things to consider: Luke makes it clear that the book of Acts is the continued […]

GCP EP. 001: Introduction to Acts

In the very first episode of our show, Josh introduces the book of Acts and discusses what it’s going to look like for us to dive into the book. He also takes a significant about of time discussing the gospel and what it means to live a gospel centered life. Things to consider: The gospel […]