A Podcast About The Gospel

The Gospel Centered Podcast is not the only podcast about the Gospel. However we have a deep desire to become one of the podcasts all about the Gospel. We exist to create compelling content that encourages and empowers people to understand the Gospel and center their lives around. Once a week we are going to dive into the Bible and learn with our audience how every story in it points to the Good News. We will also discover how that Good News can radically change our lives. While doing that we commit ourselves to these four values:

  1. Keep the Gospel front and center
  2. Craft excellent content
  3. Think creatively
  4. Enjoy what you make and consume

Every Book Points To Good News

We believe that the Gospel is more than just four books in the New Testament. All of the Bible is a story. One story that explores what it looks like when the Creator God sets out to rescue His people. This story culminates in Jesus, God incarnate. Jesus came to do for us what we could not do for ourselves. This is Good News. We believe that every book in the Bible ultimately points to this Good News. The narrative of the Bible is a sweeping one that invites the reader to follow along and find rescue in Jesus.

Men Who Need The Gospel

The Gospel Centered Podcast was started by two men who are deeply aware of their need for the Gospel. The desire is for the audience to listen and grow in faith and knowledge, but first and foremost we are talking to ourselves, at ourselves. We either are or have been pastors and as pastors we know just how jacked we are in our own life. In walks Jesus. We have been saved by His grace and set free because of him. Today our lives are drastically different because Jesus rocked our world. We just want everyone else to hear the story that changed us.

The Gospel Can Change Your Life Too

The Gospel isn't just a story to consume. It's Good News that your old life can be made new. It's a powerful declaration that God wants to rescue you. He wants to change you. He wants to revolutionize your life. This isn't always easy or pretty. In fact most of the time losing your old life is extremely difficult. However God will always be there with you and for you. If you'll let it the Gospel can change your life forever!

We want you to do more than just hear the Gospel. We want you to know it. We want you to center your entire life around it. So don't miss a single episode of the podcast! Instead just give us your e-mail below and we will deliver each podcast to your inbox weekly!