GCP EP. 007: Simon the Magician and Samaritan Pentecost

How should we approach the persecution of the church by Saul?

Who is Simon the Magician?

Is the baptismal of the Holy Spirit a second experience for the Christian?

In this episode Josh dives into the first part of Acts chapter 8. We talk about Simon the Magician and how his story is relevant to the prosperity gospel. The conversation then moves to the baptismal of the Holy Spirit and what Acts 8 says regarding this.

Things to consider:

  • God’s providence can often look like Man’s persecution. Just because things are going bad doesn’t mean God is absent.
  • You can’t purchase God’s gifts or approval. Whether it’s financially or through some list of works. God’s gifts come from God’s providence through the cross.
  • The baptismal of the Holy Spirit on the Samaritans isn’t a blueprint to be followed but a story being told. It’s about unifying the move of the Holy Spirit and the spreading of Christ’s message.

What does this mean for you?: We don’t get to buy or earn God’s gift. We have to constantly check our hearts, because all of us drift towards a world where we can pay a certain amount or do a certain thing to earn God’s approval or power. In reality God’s gift was given to us. It was purchased by Jesus Christ on the cross on our behalf. We have to use Acts 8 to remind us of this.

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Next Week’s Episode: We finish up our discussion on Acts 8 by discussing Philip and his interactions with a eunuch.