GCP EP. 006: Stephen

Who is Stephen in the Book of Acts?

What does his story mean?

What is that chapter long sermon all about?

In this episode Josh looks at the story of Stephen. He takes a deep dive into the plot points of Stephen’s life and makes the argument that Luke is doing something very specific here. He also dives into Stephen’s sermon that leads up to his death. What does this sermon mean and what is the point Stephen is making? There’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Things to consider:

  • Stephen’s story very carefully parallels Christ story. Showing us that what Christ said is being fulfilled.
  • Stephen’s sermon powerfully rebukes the claims made against him and turns the tables on the religious leaders.
  • Once again, inside of Stephen’s sermon, we see the continued story of temple reformation as God moves His meeting place from buildings to His people’s hearts.

What does this mean for you?: Stephen is not a checklist for us to follow or a hero for us to emulate. Instead he teaches us a very powerful lesson. As Christians it’s our job to be the evidence and proof that Jesus exists to the world. We need ot take this role very seriously and strive for gospel centered lives that reflect Jesus.

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Next Week’s Episode: Next week we start a deep dive into Acts chapter 8 where we will talk about Philip and what his story means for the church.