GCP EP. 003: Acts 2 Part 1

Why is the day of Pentecost important?

What are tongues of fire?

What does it mean that the early church “spoke in tongues”?

In this episode of the Gospel Centered Podcast Josh is joined in the studio by Pastor Mike Landrum and they answer all these questions and more.

In fact their conversation is quite a long one. So this episode is going to be part 1. We are really excited for you to hear this whole conversation and decided that the very best thing was to split it into two episodes. So this week we discuss the baptism of the Holy Spirit and next week we will finish out chapter 2 discussing Peter’s sermon and the early church’s response to the Holy Spirit

Things to consider:

  • Pentecost was a huge feast that brought Jews from all over the known world to Jerusalem.
  • The sound of a rushing wind and tongues of fire was purposeful imagery and that points to the Old Testament. It wasn’t random.
  • Speaking in tongues wasn’t just about spreading the gospel in different languages or “praying in the spirit”. It was a specific response that points to the tower of babel in Genesis.
  • The Holy Spirit entering your life is more than an emotional experience and brings life change and purity.

What does this mean for you?: This episode is not summed up. It ends on a cliffhanger (I’m sorry). You’ll get the “What does this mean for you” segment in nexts week episode

One Cool Thing: Again this episode is summed up in next week’s episode where you’ll find One Cool Thing.

Next Week’s Episode: We finish out our conversation on Acts chapter 2. We also disccuss what this means for you and Mike and I share a one cool thing!

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