GCP EP. 004: Acts 2 Part 2

What is Peter’s Pentecost sermon all about?

Is he condemning his audience?

And what does “everything in common” mean?

In this episode of the Gospel Centered Podcast Josh and Mike finish up their conversation on Acts Chapter 2. They discuss the back half of the chapter and get into Peter’s sermon. Was Peter preaching an aggresive sermon of condemnation or was he preaching a freeing sermon of providence? Or maybe it’s a little bit of both. There’s also some really interesting conversation about the nature of the early church and what motivated them to give a lot of their belongings away.

Things to consider:

  • Peter makes it very clear that God planned the cross. The Jewish leaders did not act out of God’s will.
  • The response of the early Church shows us that the Holy Spirit does warrant some sort of life changing response.
  • The Holy Spirit does challenge what we value and where we place the view of our ownership.

What does this mean for you?: This summary is for both this episode and last episode.
Mike: You don’t always know the full story in life. Even so, you can still see the amazing signs and wonders from God. Just like we didn’t all know the full story in Acts 2 but could still see those signs and wonders. So this week spend time paying attention to other people and look for God’s signs and wonders.
Josh: You are now the meeting place of God. The baptism of the Holy Spirit did more than just empower you to do supernatural things. It also filled you with God’s glory as the new temple of the Lord. So when you interact with other people, remember that it’s through you they are going to know who God is.

One Cool Thing: or two cool things just one from each person. 🙂
Mike: Apple Airpods
Josh: Read Scripture App

Next Week’s Episode: Next week we shake up the format a little bit and discuss chapter 3-5. It’s a deeper look at this “everything in common” conversation. We also discuss Ananias and Sapphira.