GCP EP. 002: Acts Chapter 1

In this episode Josh dives in to Acts Chapter 1. We read along through the chapter and discuss what’s happening here as the apostles discuss with Jesus about the kingdom God, watch him ascend, and then respond to his commands.

Things to consider:

  • Luke makes it clear that the book of Acts is the continued work of Jesus. So don’t be mislead by the title The Acts of the Apostles. This is still about Jesus
  • The time period of 40 is a literary motif the biblcal writers use to give us clues into what the disciples are going through. It tells us their faith is being tested
  • It probably wasn’t easy to watch Jesus ascend after being promised the coming of the Holy Spirit
  • When the disciples moved on they continued doing what Jesus had taught them to do and they did it dependent on Jesus

What does this mean for you?: Like the disciples we often get our faith tested. God’s promises aren’t always clear to us. It’s important that we learn from their expamples and continue in our biblical habits and doing what God has called us to do even when things aren’t clear.

Next Episode: We look at Acts Chapter 2 and the baptismal of the Holy Spirit.

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Sermon on Acts 1

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