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Our Commitment

We exist to create compelling content that encourages and empowers people to understand the Gospel and center their lives around it.

Keep the Gospel Front and Center

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most powerful story ever told. We believe that Jesus is the only way to know our creator God and live a life in paradise. So we make a commitment to keep everything we create centered around this story. First and foremost this podcast will always be about Jesus and what He has done for us.

Craft Excellent Content

We believe that God deserves our very best. When we devote our lives to telling the Gospel story we can’t do it half heartedly. So we commit to crafting excellent content. We put every effort into making everything we create the very best it can be. God deserves no less.

Think Creatively

We believe the Bible is the most creative work of art ever made. The Gospel is littered with creative stories and retellings that point countless people to the Good News of Jesus Christ. So we commit to thinking creatively ourselves. We want to approach the Bible with our imaginations in tact. And we want to constantly consider creative ways to take the Gospel to the world

Enjoy What You Make and Consume

We want you to enjoy the things that we create. Providing value to your life is extremely important to us. So we commit to enjoying what you make and consume. We are only going to create things that we enjoy and find meaningful. We want you to join us by only consuming the things you enjoy. There’s to much fantastic content out there to consume something you don’t enjoy.

Who We Are

Husband. Father. Pastor. Comic Book Nerd. Movie/TV Lover.

Josh Suson


Husband. Father. Pastor. Top Gun Enthusiast. Outdoor lover.

Mike Landrum

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